All About MMM

Inspired by my own natural journey to & through motherhood I was called to offer an easy path to nourishing your body & your baby with all natural herbs to help support Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum. Self -care is essential.  Heal your natural hair and skin the way our ancestors used to. Using all natural oils, essences & herbs in our oil blends and butters you'll never have to worry about harsh chemicals. 

Whether its simply a relaxing soak in the tub or a full on herbal cleanse bath our Bath Salts and herbs provide healing at every level. Offering healing, education & a social spiritual wellness community for People of Color navigating through yoga and meditation with a focus on highlighting mental health care in the minority community . Exploring what it means to be of color and "Spiritual" through our socioeconomic, cultural and historical lens. Melanin Body Soul & Magic Melanin Mama are both inspired by the works of great men and women of  color before me to uplift my black community through absolute and complete wellness of the mind, body & soul.